Textured Hemp Protein (THP®)

  • Introducing the World's First Textured Protein Made with Hemp

    Texturized Hemp Protein (THP®) has a superior nutritional profile with an unmatched texture and neutral color.

    THP® combines Hemp Protein and Pea Protein for a complete protein with a PDCAAS of 1.

    Protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score (PDCAAS) is a method of evaluating the quality of a protein based on both the amino acid requirements of humans and their ability to digest it


    THP® has a mild and neutral flavor that has infinite applied uses.

    • THP® can be used as a substitute for traditional animal protein
    • Easy to hydrate with broth or water
    • Allergen-free replacement for textured soy protein
    • No off-flavors common to other plant proteins
    • THP® can enhance a wide range of solutions including, grounds, crumbles, patties, and more

    Benefits of Textured Hemp Protein

    THP® meets vegan & vegetarian nutritional requirements while capturing flexitarian demand for comparable tastes, textures, and nutritional profile of animal proteins.

    • Versatile & highly functional
    • Excellent mouth-feel & bite
    • Naturally allergen-free from the Top 9 FDA Allergens
    • Complete protein and amino chains with a PDCAAS of 1
    • Unmatched texture
    • Neutral color & mild flavor
    • Gluten-free | Soy-free