Hemp Heart Flour (50% Protein)

  • Highly Functional & Allergen-free
    This 50% protein hemp heart flour is highly functional, creates structure, and boosts the protein content of products while contributing no off-flavors.
    • De-hulled hemp seed yields a super-fine, tasteless, white powder
    • Naturally gluten, wheat & nut-free
    • Easily adds functional fiber to recipes
    • Boost protein in traditional baked goods and doughs


    This hemp heart flour is ideal for baking, so you don’t have to compromise between fluffy pancakes and a healthy-functional breakfast. Hemp heart flour is a great egg replacement for vegan baking. Endless application possibilities including: Bread, Cookies, Cake, Snacks, Pasta, Pizza, and more!

    Benefits of Using Hemp Heart Flour

    Nepra's 50% protein Hemp heart flour meets gluten-free & allergen-free requirements while capturing the growing demand for reduced carbohydrate options without compromising flavor or texture.

    • Versatile & highly functional
    • Naturally allergen-free from the Top 9 FDA Allergens
    • Increases water-binding capacity
    • Provides stable structure
    • Neutral & mild flavor
    • Increases protein in various baked goods
    • Reduces net carbohydrates in recipe (Keto-friendly)